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What is DrumBrain?

Remember the plastic drumset you bought with that console rythym-game? It's time to dust it off, plug it into your PC, and start making music!

Plug your Rockband™ and GuitarHero® drumset into your PC

Assign samples to pads like a real eDrumset!

Low latency audio

Supports cymbals, multiple pedals, and the ION Drum Rocker®

Create drum loops, or record entire songs in the tracker

Export your creations to WAV

Play along with your favorite MP3s, and FLACs


Future Development

DrumBrain is currently in development, and you will receive access to future updates.

Here are some of the planned features:

MIDI eDrum Support

Drum Training Modules

Mini-games to help build speed and accuracy

A complete rythym game, with custom songs

System Requirements

Windows Vista, or newer

A DirectX 9 capable video card, with DirectX 9.0c Runtime installed.

A DirectInput-supported gamepad/instrument that is recognized by Windows
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